Many of our sweet daughters all over the world will proudly call themselves, “Daddy’s Little Girl” as they celebrate Father’s Day, June 19th, with the most special man in their lives. For some, this Father’s Day may not be spent with their biological father, but with someone who is “like a father,” or a male relative such as a grandfather or uncle. No matter what his title, the role that a father figure plays in the life of a young girl has a significant impact on many of her decisions as she grows and seeks her life mate.


For those precious little girls that have positive father figures in their lives, they are so fortunate and are, no doubt, relishing every moment that they have with these exceptional men. There really is something magical about the bond between a father and his daughter. It is definitely love at first sight, and it is a relationship that can flourish as she learns that she can depend on him to be in her corner and for the guidance that only “Daddy” can give. It doesn’t negate the relationship that mothers and daughters will share, but it’s different and, for most little brown girls, just as valuable for their overall well-being.


You can help your honey celebrate the father or father-figure in her life with these activities:


1. Help her create a “Daddy-Daughter Diary.” This could be a little book that includes pictures of your little brown girl with the man who means the world to her. It would also include her artwork or expressions of the times that she has spent with him, and he would be able to write in the book as well. They could both journal their feelings for each other in the book.


2. Celebrate National Black Music Month throughout the month of June. Men will love sharing the music that they love with the little girl whom they totally adore. No matter how old the music is, she will enjoy dancing on Daddy’s toes, having a karaoke night together, or just learning about these talented artists and their music. Your sweet girl will benefit by the exposure that she will have to music that has historical value and is culturally relevant for her. Daddy could take things even further by helping his precious little one to choose an instrument that she may want to learn to play!


3. Daddies usually love sports and physical activity is a definite for a healthy honey child. So, encourage her father-figure to introduce her to his favorite sports or to explore a new, age-appropriate sport with her. From attending a game together to just sporting matching jerseys or t-shirts, there is tons of fun to be had when sports are involved. Daddy may even decide to take his interest in his little girl further by offering to coach or just volunteer with the team that she joins! They will be able to spend many memorable moments together and will, hopefully, have a ball in the process!


June could turn out to be one of the best months of both of their lives. Through shared interests and newfound learning opportunities, together your little girl and her father-figure could experience something amazing, and their bond could become even stronger.