There’s nothing sweeter than having someone with whom to share your life. This especially holds true when it comes to those little girls who fill each of our days with happiness, excitement, and love. Whether the brown girl in your life is a daughter, cousin, or niece, there is a unification that will take place, over time, between females. For you and your little honey, your relationship could develop a sisterly bond that will open your lives to even more special and truly loving moments as you share your personal experiences, strengths, and even tough times with each other. There is something awesome about being sisters regardless of whether you’ve been brought together by a familial relationship or whether, through life, you have become “sisters” in spirit and mind. Either way, sisterly love is precious, beautiful, and worthy of being celebrated!


August 7th is Sisters Day and we thought it would be great to present some activities that your precious little one can do with her real sisters or close friends that she has, as well as activities that the two of you can do to further enhance the bond that you share. Even if neither one of you has a biological sister, your relationships with other girls and women could completely qualify you to call each other sister!


Sisters Stars– Have an “open mic” session for all of your little sweetie’s friends to get together and share their talents. Encourage them to cheer each other on and to show their love for each other as they perform. Whether they decide to sing, read a poem, or dance, applaud them for their courage. After everyone has had a turn, encourage the girls to draw pictures about their experience or what they liked the best about each performance. Make a book of their artwork, make copies for all of the girls, and they will have something to remember the event. It will also help them to understand the importance of staying positive, showing support and a genuine interest in those that you care about. After this, they will surely be “sister stars”!


Sweet Sisters In The Rock – A fantastic way to bond with any group of friends is while hiking. From discovering what nature has to offer to sharing moments when you need each other to accomplish certain goals along your trail, the time that you can spend together, without distractions, could end up being really magical. The bonding actually can start before you even get into the woods through your efforts to coordinate your hike. Prepare your gear together and enjoy the quiet of the earth. Believe it or not, those moments are spent meditating along your hike could help you to appreciate each other and be at one with your surroundings, and especially with your little honey. This activity could also be done with a small group of your brown girl’s friends.


Sharing and Caring Sisters – Invite your little one’s friends to a “Sharing and Caring Sisters” Party. Each person is tasked with bringing an item that they would like to give to someone else. They could also bring a favorite treat. The item should be something that has some meaning for them. The girls must write a little note with the item telling why, either with a picture or words, it means so much to them. At the party, they will have to present their item to another friend. After this activity, set up some activities in which they will be given a chance to show how they can work together to care for things, such as how to help a “hurt” doll or teach a friend how to do something at which they are good, like drawing a house or reading big words. They should also have an opportunity to tell each other what they most appreciate about being sisters and friends. The Sharing and Caring Sisters party should have an emphasis on importance of love, respect, and being there for each other, especially among “sister friends”.