Your little brown girl is a budding “woman in training.” With your help and through the experiences that you share with her, she will learn the ins and outs of the traditional roles women have held through the ages. Through your help and encouragement, she can understand her history in order to see how she can continue the work of generations before her who have transcended these “traditional roles” to continue to make gains for equality for women, creating new opportunities for herself and other women.

March is Women’s History Month. During this month, we remember and celebrate women and the contributions that they have made for the betterment of our world.

From science and inventions to fashion and family, women are significant figures in society. With a young sweetie for whom to care, you understand the balancing act that women do every day in their personal and professional lives. Whether it’s being a mompreneur with a gaggle of kids or an executive who puts her personal health at the top of her priority list beside her career, women are infamous for being busy multi-taskers who help make our world go around. This has been a woman’s reality since the beginning of time.

To educate your precious darling about those strong, courageous women throughout history, as well as to teach her the ideals that could help her to become a trailblazer in the next generation of phenomenal women, try some of these activities for commemorating Women’s History Month:

1. Volunteer together at a local day care or community center to read aloud books about women who have accomplished their goals. Select “just right” books that your little girl can read with just a little help from you, or have her dress up like the woman about whom you will read. For example, if you select someone like Harriet Tubman, have your little girl dressed in period clothing as you read the books. Make it extra special by letting your sweetie hand out bookmarks featuring the women that you read about!

2. Make a calendar that is dedicated to celebrating women and their accomplishments. Select the women who you would like to research, get their pictures, and then, put it all together.

3. Host a Women’s History tea, along with the special girl in your life. Invite local women “heroes” as speakers to share their experiences and celebrate the good that each attendee does for our world. Just keep in mind that EVERYONE has contributed something to make the world a better place, no matter how great or small.

4. Teach your sweetie about goal setting. Together, set individual goals and goals for the two of you to accomplish as a team. Start with simple tasks and be sure to congratulate her when she achieves her goals! Also, include recognition for achievement of team goals, as women have especially had to rely on each other for their success.

5. Spend some time talking about our beautiful first lady, who is the first brown woman to occupy the East Wing. Maybe point to her and say that in our lifetimes, a brown woman could occupy the West Wing! It may also be nice to point out Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, in conjunction with the nice spring weather, emphasizing taking care of bodies as a way to succeed in life.

Your little honey has the potential to be one of the most remarkable women that this world has ever seen. To think, her journey to greatness may begin with the two of you commemorating Women’s History Month.