Make Sweet Mother’s Day Memories For All Of The Special Women In Your Lives


There is always something inherently sweet about having the opportunity to honor those women who gave up a little bit of themselves to help us to become who we are: our mothers. Their patience, kindness, and willingness to sacrifice daily for their children and households make them invaluable. Their unconditional love makes them irreplaceable, and what they offer us makes them extremely important in each of our lives, including those of their favorite little brown girls.


Sunday, May 13th is Mother’s Day. On that day, many will celebrate their biological mothers and those who are like a mom, along with a myriad of grandmoms, aunts, and even great-grands. We all know that not everyone will have a biological mother on whom to dote on due to various life events. That doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day should be meaningless for them. In fact, when we teach our precious girls about this holiday, we should be sure to make it clear to them that Mother’s Day is not just about being someone’s natural mother. It’s about recognizing these women who lead, guide, shelter, and care for us. By keeping the focus on that “motherly love” that these women show rather than the biological relationship, you will teach your little sweetie to appreciate the women that she has in the many different facets of her life.


So, here are a few ways to help her to make Mother’s Day extra-special for those wonderful women in her life, while strengthening the bond that the two of you will forever share:


Make-a-Photo-Message Gift frame that will be cherished for years to come. Using your little darling as the model, take photos of her holding either words or letters on paper. The paper can be either plain or decorated. Then, place each photo in a long photo frame so that it spells out a word such as “love,” a special name or message, or even a poem that you and your little one compose together. Creating the gift in monochrome (black and white) may be more impactful, but color will look just as nice. The frame can either be segmented or just one big open space. No matter what the message says, this gift could become a treasured memento that features words that are truly from the heart.


Practical and pretty, you and your little sugarplum can get really creative when you make a set of decoupage coasters for a woman who is really important in your lives. Just imagine her placing her favorite mug on one of these beautiful coasters that you will craft for her. You will need four 3- or 4-inch square ceramic tiles, decoupage medium such as Mod-Podge, photos or colorful napkins, and a beautiful ribbon. Use decoupage technique to decorate the tiles and seal it with the decoupage medium. Work together to stack and wrap the coasters with the most beautiful ribbon that you can find, and you will have a fabulous gift that will be adored and utilized!


Bake some flavorful flowers for some fantastic females! Start with the best cookie recipe that you can find or the one that means the most to you. Then, bake the cookies in flower shapes with a popsicle or craft stick inserted into them. Once the cookies are ready, wrap the cookies and place them inside of decorated flowerpots. The recipients of these bounties of “flowers” will have more than just a tasty treat to enjoy that has been carefully made by your little sweetie. They will also have a gorgeous flowerpot that they can fill with real flowers or plants. Just as they watch your cutie grow, they too can watch their plants bloom.


The time that you and your special girl spend making Mother’s Day an awesome occasion for those sweet women in your lives will pay off with lots of hugs, kisses, and a lifetime of love and memories!