Backpack, check. Cute outfit, check. A sweet new iPad?! ‘Tis the season for our beautiful little girls to go back to school. You have helped them to have a wonderful summer, exploring, and continuing to learn while having fun. But, now it’s time to jump back into the academic rigors of their regular school routine. As you start to coordinate your special girl’s schedule and shop for her school supplies, you are likely to see things on the supply list that will be a true sign of the times and the changes that are taking place with regard to how our children are educated. Among the standard supplies like rulers and pencils, some of our little cuties will need other items such as batteries and dry erase markers. Here are some ideas and strategies that may help you to keep up with your bright little one this school year, as well as to stay abreast of the new technologies that she may have introduced into her sweet academic life:



Make learning a family thing. Your little girl’s education is a top priority. So, get involved in it and be a part of her educational experience. The classroom, as many of us know it, has changed dramatically in the last few years because of the more extensive use of technology in the classroom. Some new tools that you may see in the classroom include Smartboards instead of traditional chalkboards, ELMOs instead of overhead projectors (not the character, but the educational camera), and tablets or iPads. Always try to be as positive as possible when it comes to advances in the classroom so that your little girl will also embrace these positive changes. Take the time to go to her class and experience the learning tools firsthand. Then, share your observations and feelings about the tools with her. Go online to learn more about how these new tools help your little sweetie in her studies. She will feel great coming home and sharing her daily experiences with you knowing that you have a frame of reference. She will know that you are both in it together.


Consider the best learning style for your brown girl. Not every child learns best while sitting glued to a desk. Some little ones need to move around more and to have a more tactile learning experience. If your honey has difficulty adjusting to the classroom environment or if you find that she is not performing as well as you believe that she can, then it may be time to check out another educational program. It doesn’t mean that there is “anything wrong” with your sweetie, just that she needs opportunities to fulfill her potential that are unique as she is.


Build up her confidence so that she will be ready to tackle the upcoming school year. You already think the world of your little cutie. Let her know that and tell her that you believe in her. This will help to get her mentally prepared for the challenges that a new school year may bring. Knowing that she has someone in her corner and that you are there if she ever needs you could make the transition a lot smoother. Remember, a new school year is not just about new clothes and backpacks. Along with it may come a new teacher that she will have to learn and get used to, new friends, and possibly even a new school altogether. That’s a lot for anybody to have to handle. But, if she knows that she’s not in this alone, she will be ready to face anything that comes her way!


Make back-to-school shopping about more than just name brands. You can use the back-to-school shopping experience as a chance to educate your little honey about money, priorities, hygiene, being resourceful, and even personal choices. No doubt, there may be some popular items that she wants, but consider creating a budget for your shopping, and have her help with planning and even purchasing. The more she can understand about what it takes to be prepared for school, the more she will appreciate her things and, in time, those moments that she learned while having a blast with you.


Happy School Year To Every Sweet Honey Child and the people who believe in them!