The sound of bells ringing, the flashing lights, the smiles of anticipation on the faces of children everywhere, and the sweet spirit of comfort and joy that seems to flow: that’s what the holidays are about for so many of us. It can feel like the best time of the year, and the most gratifying. It’s a time when we want to make our little precious ones as happy as they can be, make their wishes come true, and reward them for a year’s worth of wonderful behavior. But, that’s not all that the holidays are about. In fact, at the heart of the season is a key element of what makes us human and connects us, one to the other. It’s the importance of giving and sharing, without expecting anything in return. It’s a pure and simple ideal that sometimes gets lost in all of the splendor and excitement that now defines the modern holiday season. But, it’s an ideal that never fades. We should make a commitment to helping our sweet girls embrace, understand, and make it a part of who they are and how they observe their holidays. Because at the core of the holiday is a sweetness that can affect and change the masses, if only for one moment in time, and at the core of our precious ones is a sweetness that has the ability to do the same when it’s nurtured, protected, and allowed to flourish.

Whether you celebrate Christmas on December 25th, Kwanzaa, or your own family occasion during this holiday season, having loved ones with which to share it always makes it more wonderful. Make the holiday season that you spend with your sweet little precious girl even more meaningful this year by incorporating activities that have an emphasis on sharing and the importance of family:

Create a living history holiday project with your little brown girl. Prior to the holiday, set time aside for you and your precious one to interview the oldest relatives that you have, asking them about holidays during their childhood. This will help to teach your little one about her relatives and will make the elder members of your family feel special and valued. Then, together, make a collage using pictures or even drawings that illustrate the information that you received from the interviews. During your holiday celebration, present this priceless information to your family. Everyone will appreciate and enjoy learning a bit about living history.

Turn a family holiday treat baking session into a family holiday giving opportunity. Invite all of the precious little ones in your family to bake a variety of treats. Try to keep them easy so that your guests won’t get bored during a long, tedious baking session. The majority of the time should be spent decorating and packaging the treats that you make. Encourage those little sweeties to draw cards and tags to accompany the treats. Then, arrange to take the treats to your local soup kitchen, where the little ones can give them out. Talk to them about giving to those who are less fortunate and encourage them to start their own personal sharing projects.

The holiday season is a fantastic time of the year, and it can be extra special and great fun for you and your little brown girl. Here’s to hoping that every moment that you share is super sweet!