Sweet History



The thoughts and feelings of sweet liberty fill the minds of those who know the struggle. It’s time to celebrate the overcoming victories and honor the pioneers who sacrificed for the advancement of a great people…for the African-American people. February is Black History Month and a perfect opportunity for you to share all that you can about the people and events that have helped to secure your little one’s freedom to be who she is and who she wants to become.


Just like your precious one, there was a young girl who would grow up to become one of the faces of the civil rights movement, Mrs. Rosa Parks. On February 4th, the United States Postal Service will commemorate what would have been her 100th birthday with the unveiling of a new stamp in her honor. Mrs. Parks, tired and with tremendous resolve, refused to move to the back of the bus when told to do so in the then-racist South. Today, we are even more grateful for her contribution and unselfish act that would propel a movement that changed the lives of an entire nation.


While February is the shortest month of the year, it certainly does not fall short on its offerings for occasions to celebrate, observe, and enjoy. Here are a few ways that you can make this small month a big hit with your sweet girl:


February 3rd is National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Participating in sports is a fantastic outlet for your little girl and provides an abundance of health and wellness benefits. Take time to teach her about the women who broke the gender barriers so that everyone, including your sweet one, could have access to play sports. Together, pay tribute on that day by selecting a sport to play and learning the stories behind the women who made it possible for you to be able to partake and enjoy that sport.


On February 4th, ride a bus! What better way to acknowledge and honor the memory of Mrs. Rosa Parks than to take a seat, right up in the front of a bus. Really get into it by having your little girl dress similar to Mrs. Parks by wearing a cute hat. Take pictures of her during her ride and talk to her about the value of freedom.


Then, on February 11th, you and your honey should be prepared to put on a smile as you enjoy one of the sweetest days ever…Make a Friend Day. Go somewhere new together such as a kids play zone, fun park, or activity center. You may even consider taking your little one to a nursing home or adult day care center on that day. Together, reach out to others and make some new friends! This one day could be the start of a friendly relationship that lasts a lifetime.


The most well known holiday in the month of February is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on the 14th. Your little chocolate girl should know that Valentine’s Day is a day to relish in love. Surprise her with something sweet and shower her with plenty of hugs and kisses. Do something different this year, and take this opportunity to show love to others. Together, decide on an activity that you can do to reach out to someone who may not be treated with a lot of love such as a child in a shelter, someone in the military who is away from their loved ones, or even someone sick. The day will mean so much more to the both of you!


An awesome way for you and your little one to really learn about African-American history, the pioneers, the successes, and work that went into making life better for your family is to start a Black History Stamp collection. Kick start the collection with the new Rosa Parks stamp, and then, together search high and low to find and preserve more stamps that feature African-Americans and the contributions that they made for sweet freedom.