President Sweet

It’s a sweet sight to see our little brown girls learning about the United States and gaining a better understanding and appreciation for what it takes to make and keep our country a wonderful place to live and grow. On February 18th, our country will honor all United States presidents, past and present, for President’s Day. For our precious ones, this day may be of greater significance because they are fortunate enough to have a president who is brown like them, our country’s first African American president, Barack Obama, to whom they can look up and aspire to be like. Seeing President Obama break the color barrier to become the leader of the free world reinforces the message to our sweet girls that anything is possible.


President’s Day is an opportunity to recognize the living history that takes place in all of our lives. Bring President’s Day to life for your little one this year and create your own family history by sharing these fun, educational, and interactive activities with her:


Celebrate our present president. Giving back to the community and helping people are key tasks that President Barack Obama has set out to accomplish throughout his presidency. But, his altruism didn’t just start when he became president. He always made public service a big part of his life. In honor of that philosophy, a wonderful activity for you and your sweet one would be to do a service for or give a “present” to some less fortunate people in your community, in his honor. One idea is to make patriotic themed cookies with your little honey, or share a pudding pie made to look like a flag.


Take an online “journey” by exploring all of the places where President Barack Obama and other presidents have lived or worked. Create a scavenger hunt in advance; then, help your sweetie navigate through online videos to learn about these different places such as Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. Learn about ways or policies that they implemented to help those communities and ask your little one how she could do some of those things in her own community, or how their work has helped her to have a good life.


What if you became the first female/woman president? Ask your honey this question and record her answer on video. Have her create some “bills” of things that she would like to see change for the better in her community or in the world. Make it a big production and encourage her to dress as if she were president and then, have her deliver a little speech featuring the bills that she would introduce. This will be fun and it will also serve to help her to understand more about government. But, it could also encourage her to have her own aspirations for becoming president. That would be too sweet!