Life’s sweet journey is made wonderful when you are fortunate enough to have a healthy, successful, and well-rounded brown girl to share it with. The month of March is perfectly filled with occasions for the two of you to jump into loads of fun, educational, and relationship building activities. March should be considered a “You go, Girl” type of month because it holds tons of opportunities for girls and women to get stronger, to grow wiser, and to begin to build their own legacies with confidence as they learn about the female trailblazers who have paved the way before them.

Officially, March is recognized as Women’s History Month, and additionally, on March 12th, we honor the organization that has helped to develop millions of female leaders around the world, the Girls Scouts. You and your sweetie may be surprised at how females, of all ages, have shaped the world that we live in.

Add a bit of personal empowerment through learning about and living a healthy lifestyle, as well as taking time to flex your creative muscles to the month of March by also commemorating it as National Nutrition Month and National Craft Month. The two of you will have so many different ways to participate and enjoy these two themes and we will share some ideas for how you can make the most of them.


Enjoy Healthy Munch Days – Throughout the month of March, turn your designated days of March into Healthy Munch Days as you and your little honey try out different healthy snack foods. Go for crunchy fruits that you may not normally eat such as star fruit or mix up a batch of healthful homemade granola instead of the sugar and fat laden granolas. You may even want to get other families involved and have a few Munch Swap days!  Together, you should also discuss changes that you can make to be healthier such as creating more healthy meals to share at home instead of eating fast food, and also taking time to share healthier food options when you donate to local shelters by providing healthier options.

Tell it to everyone on March 10th. Yes, on March 10th, you can have great pride in shouting your middle name from the mountaintops because it’s Middle Name Pride Day. Most people don’t share their middle names, for a number of reasons. But mostly, because it would make saying their names a much longer process. On that day, have a discussion or revisit the topic of how your middle names were chosen and the meaning of them. Sharing it with the world could be great fun for you and your precious brown girl too. Together, make t-shirts with fabric paints or iron-on letters featuring showcasing your middle names, or you could go with the classic “My name (or middle name) is…” theme for your shirt. Either way, it will be great fun!

One of the best ways to observe National Girl Scout Day is for your little honey to learn more about the organization and the amazing girls and women that have been developed in it. Organize an information meeting with your local Girl Scout troop at your child’s school, church, or a community center, which would give an opportunity for little ones like your sweetheart to join this awesome organization. If your brown girl is already a Girl Scout, spend the day celebrating the organization by doing service projects together or take time to learn more about local Girl Scouts who have made a difference in your own community.

Women’s History Month serves a very important purpose for young girls and women alike. By taking the time to appreciate the contributions of women to our world, we are also encouraging more and more girls and women to chart their own paths. Celebrate these accomplishments by identifying and recognizing a woman who has been important in both of your lives on each day of this month. Send that woman a card, drawing, call her, or even just text her to tell her what she’s meant to each of you. You could also identify women globally instead of just locally who had truly made a tremendous impact on our world. Learn about their childhoods, ask your little brown girl to compare and contrast those women’s lives from her own, and create a little journal where she can jot down some of the things that they did that she would also want to do in her life.

Make a bunch of awesome things during National Craft Month! Many hobby stores and even home improvement stores offer free craft project classes for children throughout the month. Together with your brown girl, make plans to get your hands moving and get your crafting on. Another option for commemorating this month is to learn a new craft and then share that craft with others. One option would be to learn knitting or sewing, and then, sharing your finished products with those who are less fortunate.

So during March, you and your lovely girl can take pride as you exercise your right to be healthy, exercise your right to create, and exercise the different rights that you can enjoy because of other women. Celebrate, commemorate, and have a sweet time together!