Sweet Swing of Spring


Spring has made its sweet entrance for this year and the much needed showers of April have begun to rain down on the earth. It’s those wonderful April showers that help our world to enjoy a bounty of sweet and beautiful flowers. Fragrant foliage and amazing landscapes are just a couple of the things that we can expect during spring, and how appropriate it is that April contains many sweet reasons to enjoy these spring activities with your precious honey child:


Keep America Beautiful: Keeping America beautiful starts with each one of us and the month of April is the official time for the national campaign! Imagine the positive impact that you and your little one can have on your community through your participation in helping to keep America beautiful. You and your little brown girl can take an active interest in preserving and maintaining our wonderful country and its resources by helping to clean a local park, getting your hands dirty together by working in a community garden, or by focusing your attention on something that’s near and dear to both of you, such as making your own home’s exterior, or that of a neighbor’s, even more amazing. Even a little work to beautify a space can make a major difference, and give you both something to be proud of doing!


Card and Letter Writing: April is also recognized as National Card and Letter Writing Month. Though our society has greatly minimized the amount of writing that we do in our daily communications with the integration, and general expectation, of the 140 character text or tweet, it is important that we encourage and teach our little sweeties to keep the art of letter writing alive in their lives. It may seem easier to just jot down a few words, but there is more that a young girl can get from writing a card or letter to someone than just trying to “shoot someone a quick message.” Writing a card or letter can be instrumental in giving our precious ones a voice and helping them to learn to truly express themselves, even if it takes more than a few lines to do so.


World Laboratory Day: Mix up some sweet fun on April 23rd for World Laboratory Day. This would be a perfect day for you and your little brown girl to explore the wonderful world of science! Women, and particularly women of color, are still underrepresented in the sciences. You could be instrumental in helping to change this by introducing your sweet girl to the magnificent and exciting possibilities that the sciences offer. To mark this day, consider touring a local clinical laboratory, visit a children’s science museum, or even create a lab at home and bring science to life for your special girl. There are many science laboratory kits available for children of all ages. You may want to consider opening this discovery day up to other little girls by hosting a science party! From basic chemistry to food science, there are a myriad of experiments to try.


Tell-A-Story-Day: Everyone should have something sweet to say, and on April 27th, Tell-A-Story Day, the two of you can have an awesome time together listening and enjoying the marvelous tales that are spun. Take time to read and learn new and old stories with your little sweetie by researching great stories online, by scouring the aisles of your local library for interesting tales, by checking out the latest books that are available at your favorite bookstore, or by delving in and writing some original stories together. Once you have found or created just the right stories, work to commit them to memory until you both feel comfortable retelling the stories. Then, let the storytelling fun begin! Telling a story is about more than just reciting a book: it’s about getting into the story, unleashing your acting chops, and making the experience so much fun for the listener that they want you to tell the story over and over again. Storytelling is a great way to share family history with your precious one and for her to learn ideals that can help her throughout her life. It’s a beautiful way to exchange a bit of love with her and let her know that one of the best stories that may ever be told could be the one that she will create through her own life experiences.