Your little brown girl sure knows how to make success look sweet!  With the closing of this school year, families all over are preparing for the wonderful celebrations in which they will participate to honor their sweet girls for their hard work and perseverance throughout their school term. Some may have experienced a year that may have been more challenging or demanding. Others will have had a different educational experience than they were used to this year because of newly integrated technologies in their classrooms. Still many of our little brilliant wunderkinds may have coasted through this year because they are just exceptional on every front. No matter what they were faced with or had to overcome during this school year, we are all so proud of what they were able to accomplish as young ladies, and that’s always a cause for celebration!

It’s such an exciting time for these little ones as some may be getting promoted to the next grade, while others will actually have a very formal graduation ceremony. So many of our precious girls will receive awards, academic prizes, and commendations from their schools and communities during this time, and their contributions through different extracurricular activities will also be recognized. To follow are a couple of ways in which you and your family can acknowledge the work, effort, and, in many cases, unrelenting determination of our sweet ones:

Give Her Space! Dedicate a wall or pillar in your home to your sweet brown girl that showcases her accomplishments. Include her pictures and awards, framed nicely, for all who visit to see and admire. Add to the wall or switch out the awards with each passing school year. This will not only make her see how much you are relishing in her success, but it will encourage her to continue to strive for excellence.  Really embellish the space by including decorating letters or wall decals that spell out her name.  If you don’t have a wall, consider getting a corner display cabinet or shelf that is all about that wonderful brown girl.

Let Her Star Power Shine Through! Roll out the red carpet for her on her big day and give her a chance to really let her star shine. Host a “movie star” themed graduation or promotion party in her honor. As she enters, have guests prepared to be the “paparazzi,” snapping pictures of her, even giving her bouquets of flowers and balloons, as she walks the red carpet to a special seat or area. Create a photo backdrop by using iron-on decals or fabric paint with her name, graduation date, and honors on a big sheet, tablecloth, or vinyl banner. Then, take pictures against the backdrop with your guests and your little graduate so that everyone there forever remembers that special day.  Have digital frames on the tables that show a montage of photos and videos of your special brown girl that will make people really think of her as a “movie star!” Finally, transform giving out the party favors into an “autograph session” by having your sweet girl sign the favors, such as a scented satin or even paper sachet, as a “thank you.”