Summer is here! Parents and kids alike are thrilled at the opportunity to a take a break from the rigid school year and dive into summer head first. But while the summer is great for leisure and having fun, it can also be a great time for keeping those cogs turning and learning new skills. The folks at NSLA, the National Summer Learning Association, have instituted National Summer Learning Day, Friday June 19th. They believe that summer can be both fun and educational for you and your child.

While summer has traditionally been thought of as a school-free zone, research shows that spending entire summers without learning opportunities can put your child at risk for falling behind in important areas, such as math and science. Especially noticeable in minorities, math and reading skills that are lost each summer can add up, and have a profound cumulative effect on the future of their education. Simply finding ways to keep learning alive in the summer can help to close that gap and get your child back on track.

So what can you do to help to bridge the gap? Find learning opportunities for your child during the summer months. Whether involving them in structured classes, summer programs, or simply setting time apart each day in your home for silent reading and review, you can find many ways to help your child’s education continue all summer long.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Many areas offer a wide variety of low-cost and free programming through zoos, museums, nature parks, libraries, etc. With all these great ways to get your kids excited about learning, summer education can become an exciting part of your child’s school break. Check out more learning opportunities

By seeking out learning activities and keeping your child’s brain engaged throughout the summer, you can be a part of the Summer Learning movement. The NSLA would also love everyone involved to pledge to make this summer a summer of learning by going to, so they can see the movement as it spreads across the country. Become a part of something bigger than yourself and help your child to succeed in the future of their education by using this summer as an opportunity for learning.