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Happy Summer Learning Day! (June 19th)

June 19 , 2015 Posted by missjeri

                                        Summer is here! Parents and kids alike are thrilled at the opportunity to a take a break from the rigid school year and dive into summer head first. But while the summer is great for […]

Have you written a letter today?

April 20 , 2015 Posted by missjeri

In the days of email, text, and Facebook messaging, letter writing seems like an outdated tradition. But there is really nothing like opening a sealed envelope that reveals a hand-written letter from a friend. The message is clear when someone sends a letter—they care. They took the time, not just to click on your name, […]

Celebrating The Day Of The Girl – 2014

October 9 , 2014 Posted by missjeri

Resolution 66/170: The Day the Girl Child Attained a Voice On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170. In so doing, the UN declared to the whole world that every October 11th is International Day of the Girl Child. It is a day that takes into account the challenges faced and […]

  Girl empowerment is one of the key pillars of the feminist campaign that seeks for gender equality. The empowerment of girls is an approach that is aimed at making the girl child stronger in various aspects of life. It is a common thing for girls to feel intimidated by male chauvinism in their day-to-day […]

Hats off to you, Sweetie!

June 8 , 2013 Posted by SL RuffDan

  Your little brown girl sure knows how to make success look sweet!  With the closing of this school year, families all over are preparing for the wonderful celebrations in which they will participate to honor their sweet girls for their hard work and perseverance throughout their school term. Some may have experienced a year […]

Get Into the Sweet Swing of Spring

April 23 , 2013 Posted by SL RuffDan

  Spring has made its sweet entrance for this year and the much needed showers of April have begun to rain down on the earth. It’s those wonderful April showers that help our world to enjoy a bounty of sweet and beautiful flowers. Fragrant foliage and amazing landscapes are just a couple of the things […]

On Your Mark, Get Set, March!

March 6 , 2013 Posted by SL RuffDan

Life’s sweet journey is made wonderful when you are fortunate enough to have a healthy, successful, and well-rounded brown girl to share it with. The month of March is perfectly filled with occasions for the two of you to jump into loads of fun, educational, and relationship building activities. March should be considered a “You […]

The ‘Sweet’ Way to Celebrate President’s Day!

February 16 , 2013 Posted by SL RuffDan

It’s a sweet sight to see our little brown girls learning about the United States and gaining a better understanding and appreciation for what it takes to make and keep our country a wonderful place to live and grow. On February 18th, our country will honor all United States presidents, past and present, for President’s […]

    The thoughts and feelings of sweet liberty fill the minds of those who know the struggle. It’s time to celebrate the overcoming victories and honor the pioneers who sacrificed for the advancement of a great people…for the African-American people. February is Black History Month and a perfect opportunity for you to share all […]

Dreaming and Achieving in 2013

January 28 , 2013 Posted by SL RuffDan

The New Year is off to an amazingly sweet start! Not only are we fortunate to see 2013, but we have been afforded the chance to witness and share history in the making with all of the special little ones in our lives. On January 21st, we celebrated and honored both the past and present-day […]

May your holidays be the sweetest ever!

December 18 , 2012 Posted by SL RuffDan

The sound of bells ringing, the flashing lights, the smiles of anticipation on the faces of children everywhere, and the sweet spirit of comfort and joy that seems to flow: that’s what the holidays are about for so many of us. It can feel like the best time of the year, and the most gratifying. […]

All Geared Up for a Sweet School Year!

September 11 , 2012 Posted by SL RuffDan

      Backpack, check. Cute outfit, check. A sweet new iPad?! ‘Tis the season for our beautiful little girls to go back to school. You have helped them to have a wonderful summer, exploring, and continuing to learn while having fun. But, now it’s time to jump back into the academic rigors of their […]

Mom Sweet Mom!

May 11 , 2012 Posted by SL RuffDan

Make Sweet Mother’s Day Memories For All Of The Special Women In Your Lives   There is always something inherently sweet about having the opportunity to honor those women who gave up a little bit of themselves to help us to become who we are: our mothers. Their patience, kindness, and willingness to sacrifice daily […]

    Your little brown girl is a budding “woman in training.” With your help and through the experiences that you share with her, she will learn the ins and outs of the traditional roles women have held through the ages. Through your help and encouragement, she can understand her history in order to see […]

Thanksgiving Sweets, there is nothing like them

November 20 , 2011 Posted by SL RuffDan

  Each of us has so many things in our lives for which we are grateful. One of the most important is the people that we love and cherish, especially our favorite little brown girls. November 24th is Thanksgiving, and traditionally, that day has been set-aside for families to come together in feasting, reconnecting, and […]

Education + Love + Support = A Sweet Future

September 12 , 2011 Posted by SL RuffDan

      The “Back-To-School” season is underway, and its launch is sure to cause quite a stir in the hearts and minds of little brown girls everywhere. For our girls, starting or returning to school is a rite of passage that makes them feel a step closer to becoming the woman that they would […]

There’s nothing sweeter than having someone with whom to share your life. This especially holds true when it comes to those little girls who fill each of our days with happiness, excitement, and love. Whether the brown girl in your life is a daughter, cousin, or niece, there is a unification that will take place, […]

Looking for a summertime activity for your little honey? Well, reading is not only a sweet method to keep her busy; it is also a fun way to keep her interested in learning. Get started by checking out this new release!     Book Title: The Girlz of Galstanberry Written for girls ages: 12 & […]

His and Her Ties: The Sweet Everlasting Gift

June 16 , 2011 Posted by SL RuffDan

Many of our sweet daughters all over the world will proudly call themselves, “Daddy’s Little Girl” as they celebrate Father’s Day, June 19th, with the most special man in their lives. For some, this Father’s Day may not be spent with their biological father, but with someone who is “like a father,” or a male […]

Latest News

May 23 , 2011 Posted by missjeri

We are so pleased to announce that SHC has a birthday club! Be sure to enroll your sweetie today! Bee Day Club Stay sweet!

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